Will leave readers on the edge of their seats on one page and crossing their legs on another.”



I’m completely speechless and blown away by how well put together this story is, how much thought and dedication went into writing something completely different to her usual work.

I found the book to be more on the erotica side of romance with sex scenes left, right and center. Yet, Kelly Moran made the sex scenes seem beautiful yet erotic in nature.

The characters are well developed and described in vivid detail, along with places and structures. I felt like I was in each scene with them, and found myself blushing continuously with a sense of imposing on their private moments.

I loved the story line and the twists and had my gut and heart in complete knots. I felt truly nervous at some stages for Raven.

But, saying this, Kelly Moran delivers another captivating read. I sure hope everyone falls in love with Raven and Noah as I did.

Aimed for audiences of 18+ with graphic sexual content not suitable for younger readers.



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Added 10 January 2016