You are cordially challenged to a test of true love. Great escape reading!



Where do I even begin for this book. I was hooked from page one. Camryn and Troy have that relationship you where you get all giddy when they start to realize things and then get all mad when they want to act against it or try to prevent it. I absolutely loved this book.

A little more in depth look into my mind and this book. For the characters I felt they were all really well defined. Camryn definitely came off to me as someone who is a bit uptight and never strayed from what she defined as normal or her routine.

Troy was definitely a bit more relaxed and enjoyed life.

His struggles from his childhood and how they affect him at present age came off nicely. You could always feel the sexual tension and love both Troy and Camryn had for each other but were scared to admit it. Camryn’s family was really funny to watch how they did things. There was something for each member you could probably point out and find in your own family. They were a grade A normal psycho family.

I loved that at the begin of each chapter there was a “Life Lesson According to Camryn”. I screen capped every single one and made this collage of them. I have no problem putting it on here because you can’t read them all and it’s really not a spoiler in my mind. The quotes really don’t give away the story line.


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Added 13th January 2016