“Dan Williams’s watercolours are a haunting companion to the contemplative and poetic story . Opens up many powerful emotions about family, survival and childhood.”



This very short book is in tribute to Alan Kurdi, the 3 year old child who washed up upon the shore of a beach in Turkey and who’s photo was circulated around the world for all to see regarding the horror of the refugee crises.

It is on the form of a simple but beautiful prayer of a father to a son as they prepare to leave the beach by sea to escape the current crises in their country.

Beautifully illustrated the story captures the anguish of a father and the hope and prayer for a better, a safer life for his child.

No matter where you stand on your governments policy of admitting refugees in to your country, the memory of that photo, along with this short, heartfelt simple prayer, brings home the reality of the unbelievable risks some people will take to find a better, safer life for their families.

Reading this to a child, or the child reading it himself will open their eyes and hearts to the situation many of the worlds children are currently in.

A beautiful book by a terrific writer.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 3rd October 2018

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