“Alisha’s bravery is something we can all learn from and admire, and David’s love for his wife brought tears to my eyes and ache to my chest..”



Ally has been kidnapped to become the second wife of an evil monster in Pakistan. She is raped, tortured and beaten for two years, but she finds a way to survive.

Her real husband, David, clings to the hope that she may be alive somewhere. Two years pass before David finds evidence that she is alive. With the aide of a mercenary, David goes to get her.

The problem is that Ally may not be ready to come home.

So, this is a dark read. I am not really a fan of stories with violence, but I really enjoyed this book. Kishan Paul has done a wonderful job of portraying the love between Ally and David, as well as the sick nature of Sayeed, Ally’s torturer. What shines in this book is of course, Ally/Sara. Written in alternating POV of David and Ally/Sara, you notice when Ally loses herself and becomes Sara. The question is can Sara ever be David’s Ally again?

Brilliantly done by Kishan Paul.


Reviewed by:

Mona Shroff

Added 3rd May 2016