“Lalami gives us a searching exploration of the lives of several individuals with whom mainstream American society has a vexed relationship.”



This is the story of a refugee family from Morocco who have established their lives and business in this country, and how they cope with everything after the Father, Driss Guerraiaoui is killed by a hit and run driver after closing up his restaurant business for the night.

The story will follow the family through the tragedy and the investigation into who was the driver that ran over the father and left him for dead without stopping. The daughter Nora, an aspiring musician must return home to help the family through this crises, the suspects being the owners of the bowling alley next door to their restaurant who they have been having trouble with.
It is also the story about how this accident affects those in the community, especially a illegal resident who,witnessed the accident and is fearful of coming forward.

The family’s background is told in brief flashbacks and the insight into this family that gave up everything to be here only to be on the verge of losing everything again is vividly told.

The author’s previous work, The Moors Account was long listed for the Mann Booker Prize and was also an honorable mention for the Pulitzer Prize. It is a well written story that will hold your attention. Well worth a read.



Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 7th June 2019

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