Another compulsive family drama from Liane Moriarty


I read Big Little Lies earlier this year, my first Moriarty novel and I absolutely loved it, leading me to look out some of her other works. A few of the addicts had recommended The Husband’s Secret so I downloaded it to my Kindle a couple of weeks ago.

I started it hugely enthusiastic after my earlier love of her works, but my chapter 8 I was a little disillusioned. Although good, so far I wasn’t feeling it was a patch on Big Little Lies although it’s not all that much different. This story is based around lies, deceit and secrets kept for many years, showing how complicated lives become when the surface is scratched, especially when secrets have been buried.

It’s revealed pretty early in the book what the Husband’s Secret actually is, and I’m glad because it was fairly obvious to me. As the book progressed so did my interest and in the end I really ended up enjoying The Husband’s Secret.

The entire story is brought to a very unexpected ending, interesting and satisfying and despite not enjoying the first half of the book so much, I found I thoroughly loved the way the story was concluded. I’ll definitely look out more books by this author in the first place and recommend The Husband’s Secret to anyone who loves that family/community type suspense novel.


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Kath Cross

Added 14th March 2015

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