Filled with envy, deception, and power, it’s a great reading escape. And there is a thrilling twist at the end!



How often have you looked at someone living a life filled with all you want and felt sorry for yourself and maybe just a little envious of them? This is human nature to be sure and Amber Patterson is not just a human but an extremely flawed human!

She is captivated by the life Daphne Parrish leads, her immense wealth, beautiful house, lovely children and above all her rich husband, Jackson Parrish. But where Amber differs from others is in not just envying Daphne’s life from afar but wanting it all for herself, no matter the cost!

A devious, manipulator and someone who feels the world owes her a lot of things, Amber sets in motion an elaborate plan to inveigle herself into the Parrish family, starting with befriending Daphne under false pretexts. As she gains entry into the world of the Parrishes and becomes a mainstay at their house, club, parties and even office, she will stoop to new lows, not even sparing the children in her quest for what she believes should be hers.

Even as she gets closer to her goal, there is something in her past which could ruin it all. And what she is working towards may not be all she hopes for!

Amber is someone I hated with a passion! There is no discernible reason why she is the way she is. Just that she thinks she is entitled to more. Her catty observations about people who have actually been good to her made me want to shake some sense into her. Unfortunately she represents a kind of individual that does exist in our world.

A fast read but in a way very similar to an earlier book I read so I could guess what might happen about midway. Still enjoyed it.


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 6th July 2019

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