“Irrestistible…This book is about life for all of us. She is one of our finest novelists. Read it.”



After reading the author’s biography I thought this work reflects a good deal of her own life as it seems nostalgic and teeming with realism.

The story is told as a then and now or in a back and forth history of the protagonist Elaine who as an adult becomes a painter (she prefers this title as opposed to artist).

In the now she has become a controversial painter using mainly people from her past but not in a portrait style but more how they made her feel, in fact all of her art work reflects some history of her life.

If indeed we all could use art as a reflection of a person’s past and present then we can all relate in some way with this story, from childhood through adult spanning four decades, using minute details of memories, told as a first person narrative this work is very well written, captivating and a wonderful novel I highly recommend.


Reviewed by:

Diana S. Long

Added 10th April 2018

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