“Exhilarating sections of writing, a cleverness regarding calling back prior details to prove their place in and worth to the plot when least expected, and of course the whole ethos of the series. That very Victorian attitude, and completely sustained historical writing style, still marks these books out. The Lady Trent Isabella to a select few is and always will be good company. “


Absolutely loved this book. When I’m reading it I get completely caught up in the whole thing and it really feels like I am reading a natural history book. Mrs Camhurst is such a strong female character and leading the way in her field.

She leads her team on an expedition that ends up being far more political than she had originally planned and she has to try to keep the peace between warring nations, while not upsetting cultural differences and still trying to gain the knowledge from her expedition that she had originally set out to do. 

There is danger, excitement, hilarity and sadness here, but the overall feeling is just a wonderfully written book in which we learn more about the fabulous world of dragons.
I seriously cannot rate this book and in fact the series highly enough.


Reviewed by:

Amanda O’Dwyer

Added 29th May 2020

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