“Enjoyable story with a proper murder-mystery plot harkening back to the classic style. It’s good to see that there’s another book in the series in the pipeline and I’m already looking forward to it. “



Cass Lynch is desperate to skipper her own Tallship and crew, sadly she currently works winters as a waitress and summers giving sailing lessons until one day in the restaurant she works in she overhears a conversation.

A film crew are looking for a skipper to get a Viking Longship refitted and seaworthy to use on their next film project. Cass immediately puts herself forward.

Once the Longship is ready and the film crew arrives things go well for a while then the lead actress is found dead on the Longship. Along with a few other characters, Cass seems to be the main suspect.

I really enjoyed this, lots of twists and turns. The characters are well written and likeable. In the early chapters we get a lot of introspective thought by Cass about how she has ended up where she now finds herself but the story still moves along nicely and all this introspection has more meaning as the story progresses.

Some of the dialogue is written phonetically in the Shetland dialect. I am not normally a fan of this but in this book it is not overly used and where it is used it is part of someone’s character. You can’t have a salty old Shetland fisherman talking the Queens English can you?

I have been so lucky in my book choices recently and this was another great read.


Reviewed by:

Trevor Litchfield

Added 3rd October 2018

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