“Askaripour closes the deal on the first page of this mesmerizing novel, executing a high wire act full of verve and dark, comic energy.”


Just finished Black Buck by Mateo Askipour. Audio version. Debut novel. Narrated by Zeno Robinson.
This well-received, satirical novel is about a very bright young man named Darren who was his school’s valedictorian but now works at Starbucks as a supervisor. He lives with his mom, has a steady girlfriend, and is very good at his job. His life changes when one day he convinces the CEO of a new startup company called Sumwun to try a different coffee than his usual order. Rhett, the CEO is so impressed with Darren that he convinces him to quit Starbucks and to come with him to learn sales. Darren reluctantly goes and his life will change forever.
Darren is the only black person in the company and experiences many moments of what he feels may be racism so he is thinking of leaving when his fortune changes due to a bold move which helps the company immensely.

Darren’s fortunes will take a turn for the worse due to a tragedy in his life and it is then that his true calling reveals itself as he starts to help other people like himself to learn the trade and get better jobs.
There are many interesting characters here, lots of surprises and plot twists up to the very end of the book that make this a very good read. A fine first effort, and one of the first books published in the New Year, I find it very easy to reccomended this book.


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Richard Franco

Added 5th February 2021

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