“What if your life were a movie, but somewhere along the line, you lost the plot?”


Usually, as a reader we are attracted towards the books that feel like roller coaster rides: adventurous, crazy, fun. But sometimes, there are books which are entirely simple, yet lead you to question your life, your views. The Silver Linings Playbook, undoubtedly, is one such book.

This book deals with issues if mental stability of the main character, Pat. The main, recurring theme ( and undying belief of Pat) is Hope. Hope for past, hope for future, hope for family and friends, hope for love. Pat believes in silver linings. Always. And this makes you think and question : what is better? Holding on to the real perspective of live, that is mature and clear and practical; or to hold onto the one that keeps looking for silver lining? Isn’t the real perspective a quite cruel one? A hopeless one?

The book says silver linings are better. And if anyone has doubts for it’s plausibility, just read about Pat who’s proven right in the end. Who despite all odds, does achieve his silver lining.

The best thing, though, is that the book is honest and true. It does not deals with larger than life scenarios or miracles, the author does not take us into a fantasy land by telling that Pat miraculously recovers and leads the much hyped ‘Normal’ life. No, the author gives you hope, gives you the silver lining, but it’s real. It’s plausible.

There are only two fronts at which the book fails. One, the reason which Tiffany gives for her instability. It seemed a little ridiculous, since as a reader you feel that Tiffany, as a wife, was correct in confronting her husband. It was nothing to be felt guilty for. The blame was misplaced. This is one weak point. Second, if the author was hoping for a great revelation about Nikki at the end, then sadly, it didn’t work. Any skilled reader can easily read between the lines and decipher Nikki’s actions.

The book also uses plot lines, stories and spoilers from many classics, and the effect is truly remarkable. The underlining theme of all books matches so perfectly with The Silver Linings Playbook that it’s astounding.
One thing is for sure when you read this book: you are guaranteed to appreciate the optimism in this book. You are going to learn from it. It is so riveting, that you won’t be able to put it down.


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Added 28th July 2015