“This anthology represents a culturally diverse group of women who disclose how they found the inner strength and courage to excel, oftentimes breaking new ground in fields where women are not welcome…An inspiring collection and an encouragement to young girls from all walks of life.”


Girlhood and womanhood exist as paths laid of brick covered with thorns. An individual can ascend into womanhood or involuntarily remain a girl her entire life. Long, winding roads to self-sufficiency and renown frustrate many.

I learned of this tome during a browse at the public library. There were few names I recognized. I write that sans shame. I am a perennial student. Agency of body and mind pour heavily into self-efficacy and self-respect.

Any girl who feels she can champion her opinions and manifest her beliefs into daily life maintains a blessed station in life. Hordes of women (even in Western society) do not avail themselves of the conviction to develop themselves according to their desires.

The regression into premodern stereotypical behaviors serve no other purpose but to steal,kill, and destroy. Men and women will suffer grave harm if more people don’t have the courage to uphold liberty of life and thought.

I don’t think fighting for liberty in some fashion cannot be separated from the pursuit of happiness. The vigour from fighting noble causes eliminates slovenliness of character.

I desire to see multitudes of women find the true selves and rejoice in their glories!


Reviewed by:

Karah Khalia

Added 15th February 2020

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