A darkly steamy first novel . . . ravishingly rugged . . . a literary page-turner, hair-raising in both plot and prose. Maren writes with windswept grace and stark sensuality.



This is the story of Jodi McCarty who at just seventeen years old, is put away in prison for the murder of her girlfriend. Our story begins 18 years later when Jodi is released.

She is on her way back home but she has to make a stop first, to pick up Ricki, Paula’s younger brother. Her and Paula had always planned to bring Ricki with them when they had the money to really be on their own. They wanted to rescue him from an abusive relationship at home.

While picking up Ricki, Jodi meets Miranda, the wife of a falling country and western star, who has three kids. They are instantly attracted to each other, so they decide to head out together, but first she has to get her kids who are staying with her husband. That accomplished she heads home. The plan is that after checking in with her parole officer she and Miranda will live on the property left to her by her grandmother. But that property was sold by the State for back taxes to a man who lives in Florida, and all around her property the oil company is grabbing up the land for fracking purposes. Jodi must find a way to get her property back.

The rest of the story will circle around that, around her relationship to Miranda, and the truth behind what really happened between her and Paula. Other characters include Jodi’s brother who for financial help to Jodi will require a favor that could put her in danger, and a nosy neighbor who will surprise her with his ability to help her when she most needs it. And of course there is that aging star who is out looking for his kids.

A nice debut with a story that will hold your interest, and at 307 pages just long enough to keep your interest.



Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 6th February 2019

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