Dark and captivating and essential . . . A call to arms and a condemnation . . . Read this book.”



This collection of stories brings us the viewpoint of an exciting new writer.

The author tackles some important contemporary issues in his stories. One story, reminiscent of stand your ground issues titled “Zimmer Land” is about a camp where people get to be a neighborhood watchman and kill a supposed intruder while they defend their home and family.

Another story visits the killings of minorities without justice being served in a story called “The Finkelstein Five” in which a white man arbitrarily shoots five young black boys who are hanging out in front of a store because he fears for his children’s lives.

Their are even a few stories about consumer shopping gone crazy and the title story which is about that big shopping Friday brings that experience to a whole new level. Finally, a couple of futuristic violent tales round out this collection. The author has points to make and this collection shows he has a different outlook on how to do it.

Recommended with the reservation that their is quite a bit of violence portrayed here and some might not find that to their liking.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 3rd April 2019

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