“The shocking premise is unveiled immediately, and a nail-biting pace is sustained throughout, with the teens flung headlong into a true life-or-death struggle.”


If I had to sum up this book in one word it would be “unforgettable”.

In this dystopian society novel a civil war has been fought between the pro-lifers and the pro-choicers, The compromise between the two groups is more horrifying than what started the war in the first place.

Abortion is outlawed but when your child is 13-18 years old you can choose to have them “unwound”. Unwinding is a process by which all body parts of the child is harvested for transplant.

Sometimes it makes me angry when books are labeled and categorized such as this one; young adult. I feel that severely limits the audience of a book’s potential. In this case, this is a book that should be read by all. Yes, teens see it from their perspective but we adults not only see it as a teen (since we’ve all been one!) but also as parents.

I think everyone still has a lot of lessons to learn about or ideas and opinions and how we bridge the gap. no matter which side of the abortion issue you sit. This book is a well written, captivating story. It will keep you thinking for a long time.


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Strawberry Fields

Added 15th August 2015

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