“A fairy tale about a young man’s hunt for his heart’s desire, told in clear, rolling prose.”



Stardust is a true gem – small, sparkly and perfectly formed!

First of all (and most importantly as far as I am concerned), it is a very easy read – ridiculously so in fact. You find yourself very quickly absorbed in the story.

Secondly, at less than 250 pages, this is hardly one of the huge tomes so prevalent in the fantasy genre. It is also a standalone novel; so no having to put aside eons of time whilst girding yourself for a book marathon either.

The novel is ostensibly a classic faerie tale with an archetypal young hero setting off on a quest – but with tongue firmly in cheek as Gaiman pokes fun at some of the most cherished stereotypes of the genre.

The humour is very much on the adult side, and the excellently drawn characters provide a richness to the novel that is surprising given the simplicity of the tale.

If you’re after a quick, entertaining, read that will make you laugh, this will do the job.


Reviewed by:

Debbie McCarthy

Added 18th May 2015

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