“Very well written with just the right amount of detail and superbly drawn characters.”



The Photographer’s Wife by Nick Alexander is a story written from the point of view of 2 main characters. We first meet Barbara growing up during the war in London with her sister and mother.

We then meet Sophie, a photographer in modern day who is trying to get her work ‘seen’.

Nick Alexander has created compelling characters whose stories and lives make an interesting and brilliant read. Other than the two main characters, the other prominent characters also have interesting lives and stories which add to the plot. Full of family secrets and strange revelations, this book rarely has a dull moment.

The back and forth in time used in this novel creates a brilliant juxtaposition between modern life and life during World War 2. The chapters which alternate between the characters are also a brilliant way to keep you gripped, by making you want to read another chapter to find out what is happening to Sophie or Vice Versa with Barbara. The past and future in the book slowly come together for the emotive and explosive end.

I would reccommend this book to many people because of it’s combinations of themes and genres, which go from WW2 to modern day. However some caution should be taken in the case of younger or easily offended readers due to some explicit content.


Reviewed by:

Catherine Muxworthy, Booksbirdblog

Added 28th October 2015

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