“There’s a bluntness to Barker’s prose that feels appropriate to this tale of women’s fates during wartime. But if it insists on the importance of bearing witness, it’s also about choosing life.”



Another novel of the Helen of Troy legend, this novel tells the story of the battle for Troy through the eyes of Briseis, a former Queen now a slave to Achilles after her city and her family are destroyed by the Greeks. Her unique position in Achilles household gives her a unique viewpoint of Achilles relationship with Petraclus, his long time companion, his relationship to the men who serve under him, and to his relationships with the other leaders of the Greeks, especially Agamemnon, King of the Greeks.

Briseis has also lived in Troy so she knows all the central characters on both sides.

This is the standard battle for Troy story,but told very well. If you are already familiar with the story this book just serves as a different viewpoint. If not, then you will read for the first time the great legend, first written about by Homer, and most recently in The Mask of Achilles.



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Richard Franco

Added 26th December 2018

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