“What distinguishes the series from all the others is the zest and freshness of the text. Where the emphasis in other series is on plain and straightforward language, Cambridge English Reading texts typically use very modern expressions and the dialogue is faster moving. This has an impact on the quality of the audio cassettes, which make for very enjoyable listening.”


Its about friendship between Stephany and Carlo. Stephany was Carlo’s english teacher five years ago when he was in London. He has a flat in a beautiful village on the Ligurian Sea in Italy. Stephany planning to go there with Max, her boyfriend.
Carlo and Ruth had married and they had two children. They had lived in the flat in the village by the sea for a while. Everyone in the little village seemed to be part of Carlo’s family. They seemed to watch her all the time, but she just wanted to be alone with Carlo and she began to hate Carlo’s family. Then Ruth had wanted to move to a bigger house in the town because she wanted to get away from Carlo’s family.

Ruth and Max, they had the same feelings; jealous and worry about Stephany and Carlo’s friendship.
Someday Carlo and Stephany go to Bianca Beach, a place where they had a very short affair. She remembered that moment, afterwards Carlo had said they must never let it happen again, because he loved Ruth. He said thar he would always be Stephany’s friend. But that was a long way from the truth. They had affair again. Carlo felt terrible. He didnt want to hide anything from Ruth. But if he wanted to keep Ruth, he thought he would have to hide it from her.
Then, Ruth and Carlo had an argument about why Stephany didnt tell Max that they go without Ruth. But it ends up Ruth believe in Carlo.
Until Max knew that Carlo and Stephany had affair in Bianca Beach two years ago. The holiday end so badly, now she felt she had no one, no friend, and no lover.
Max and Stephany broke up. Max said that he ant have a relationship with a woman he cant trust.

Reading Response:
This story represent my story. I was had affair with my good friend. We were a good friend since we just junior high school. And my boyfriend was so jealous with him. Everywhere and everytime we were together. Then, just like Max and Stephany,  me and my boyfriend broke up because he cant trust me.
All I’ve learned from this story is a man and woman cant be just a “Good Friend” without falling in love sometimes because it requires immense level of emotional. But i didnt said that Friendship between a men and women is impossible. And so we know that a good friend is someone who is honest with us.
There is a good plot in this story. I taught Carlo and Stephany can be together but the truth is Carlo stay with her wife, Ruth because he loved her so much. This story is amazing. I love it so much. But I dont like the character of Carlo. He is too selfish.


Reviewed by:

Putri Sekar

Added 10th June 2020