“Powerful….Caputo’s wisdom runs deep. Few writers have better captured the emotional lives of men.”


Just finished Hunter’s Moon by Philip Caputo. This novel is told over 7 stories which are somewhat connected to each other. The one main character is Will Treadwell, who runs a local bar.  The stories involve friend out for a hunt, a father and son who don’t get along, a couple that meet once a year to carry on their affair and an older man and his Dad who has just suffered the loss of his wife. 

The characters will hold your attention and especially in the opening story where very old friends come together to hunt and revive the old connections between them.  And while the story of the annual love affair has been done before , this take on it is just a little different.
The book is well written and the stories being separate but also connected make it a satisfying read. Reccomended!


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 20th May 2020

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