“No other writer uses language with greater originality and zest. he seems to be a American Dylan Thomas – with discipline.”



I first discovered Bradbury, as many do, reading Fahrenheit 451 but when raving about how much I’d enjoyed it, someone recommended I try his short stories so when I saw a copy of We’ll Always Have Paris in the charity shop, I grabbed it immediately.

This book has been in my bag for several months and became my ‘I forgot my book so I’ll read a short story from here’ book with me finally finishing the last story last week. Bradbury really is the King of the short story and each one felt complete and profound. Bradbury’s writing is beautifully simple yet poetic and each of the stories was enjoyable without a single dud in the entire book.

From love, to life and illness, getting old, the supernatural and the strange tapestry of life, it’s all captured here in one of the best collection of short stories I have ever come across.

If you love Neil Gaiman, and you love Bradbury’s full length works then I highly recommend We’ll Always Have Paris, I loved every word!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 20th September 2018

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