“Prepare to be lit from within, to remember the tremendous levity of the soul, and to return to the limitless home of love and light that is our birthright.”



I was recently reading the book Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell and the life-changing movement this book has had on my life is absolutely extraordinary. The book Light Is The New Black is all about our soul or ‘light’ and how to guide ourselves to answer the calling of our soul and working a strip embodiment of pure light. The book is all about what lights us up and the energy that we can generate through the proposed idea of working our light. If we light ourselves up then we can light up the world. It’s all about guiding women on the rise (in particular) to answer the calling of their soul through real-life wisdom.

The author, Rebecca Campbell is a truly inspiring woman and her writing style and expression is truly unique and motivational. The way in which Rebecca draws from her own life experiences and projects them in a very real yet motivational way is deeply connective. I personally think that is one of the reasons as to why I was and still am so engrossed in the concepts of the book. The way she talks about her first awakening when she was a teenager and how this came to be, along with the people she has engaged with, lost and rekindled with to get the inspiring position she is currently in, is remarkable

In order for Rebecca to truly reach out and answer her souls calling she believes that the universe had to turn off all her current lights to ensure that the life and world she knew would consciously crumble beneath her very feet, this happened just before her 30th birthday. She believes that because she dimmed her life to fit in with those around her and because she had to no-one to truly guide her this was a sign that the universe was giving her to reveal her true self, to truly connect with her inner soul and to rediscover her own journey.

Throughout her book, Rebecca shares her life experiences and as to how she answered her souls calling, her real-life experiences. Light Is The New Black is unlike any other self-help/spirituality book I had read prior as it wasn’t just a sit there and read the book, no, it was engaging and connective for the reader on a whole new level. There were activities labeled ‘work your light’ which called upon the reader to take their steps on their answering journey, whether it be on reflection to lists. The quotes or important questions/phrases that are included once every couple of pages and at the beginning of certain chapters strive to keep the reader motivated and generating their true happiness. I personally found that these phrases were one of the things in the book that served the purpose of ‘lighting me up’.

The mentions of our era and the time that we are living in is the time to rise up and be the western woman, to truly find our inner feminine and to let other masculine masses such as the ego fade to the side. The way that Rebecca writes this content truly touches the soul and brought me to see a whole new concept and envisionment of the world we live in. I also love how unlike other books I had read prior the chapters flowed but at the same time were a mix and jumble, this ensured that at any time, bookmark or not, I could flip open the book and feel motivated to answer my souls calling and work on my light.

The way in which the author, Rebecca Campbell describes the feeling of your souls calling, the feeling that something is lighting you up and how to express this, is something which really kept me glued to the book. The way in which that this guidebook doesn’t just state the journey but describes it was something which truly warmed my soul and helped me to take my first big step as to answer my souls calling.

The unique concept that is included and the authenticity of the book, as to how it reaches out to the audience to also be authentic. To be authentic in such a way as to be their own trademark that has no copyright to branch off and to be their true light-ridden self, their naked self as it is described as. It is truly a book that is a true eye-opener and is full of new insights and gifts.

I personally think that Light Is The New Black is most definitely one of my favorite books on my reading list at current. It is due to everything above and more as to why I would recommend reading Light Is The New Black to everyone and if I were to rate it out of five it definitely would receive a 5 and if possible a 6 to infinite, that is how much I truly love this inspiring and moving book.


Reviewed by:

Isabella Hodge

Added 3rd August 2018