Recommended Reading by Genre

We have such a great community here at For Reading Addicts with over 300,000 readers contributing to our busy little hive. With so many of you involved we can hold polls and discussions, get reading lists together and exchange recommendations. With that in mind, and with the knowledge that many of regular contributors have favourite genres, we thought we’d put together some recommended reading by genre giving you somewhere to go if you want to try something new.

As this section grows (hopefully with your help) we’ll be able to give you a recommended reading list for each genre and sub-genre. If you don’t find the genre you’re looking for and would like to contribute your own list, email me with ‘recommended’ in the title and let me know which genre list you’d like to add.

You can scroll through each genre, listed alphabetically, and find the sub genres under each title.


Swashbuckling Pirate Adventures


Children's Books that Adults Love


Cult Classics


Dystopian Novels

Fantasy - Of all Time

Sci Fi


Urban Fantasy (series)


Top 5 Classic Gothic


Horror - Of all Time




Historical Romance

War Time

Military - Fact & Fiction

World War II - Civilian Stories