5 Fantastic Pirate Adventures

Pirates play a big part in both literature and movies, so big in fact that there’s a whole sub genre about nefarious adventures upon the open seas. Pirate tales have it all, adventure, sword fights, excitement and the open sea with adventures galore guaranteeing a pacy read.

Swashbuckling adventures are aplenty and if you’re looking for one, don’t worry as we have you covered with our top five pirate stories of all time!

Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

The one that started it all, Treasure Island was the first successful pirate novel of all time, and despite being written over a hundred years ago, it still holds its own as an adventure novel for all ages!

Treasure Island (US)
Treasure Island (UK)

The Island – Peter Benchley

If you think the name is familiar, it’s because Benchley is the author of Jaws, which went on to become one of the greatest movies of all time. Clearly quite fond of maritime adventures, he also wrote the letter known, Island following an NYC journalist who hopes to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. It was made into a movie with Michael Caine, but it’s his worst film ever, stick with the book.

The Island (US)
The Island (UK)

Pirate Spirit – Jeffery S. Williams

Although pirates are usually thought of as men, and wenches as women, we couldn’t have a top five without mentioning at least one female pirate! Anne Bonney was a real pirate who roamed Ireland and the Caribbean during the 1700s, this is her story.

Pirate Spirit (US)
Pirate Spirit (UK)

Birds of Prey – Wilbur Smith

We already know Wilbur Smith writes fantastic adventure stories, and here he takes on high sea adventures of 1667 in a quest to steal the bounty from the treasure-filled ships of the Dutch East India Company.

Birds of Prey (US)
Birds of Prey (UK)

Pirate Latitudes – Michael Crichton

No dinosaurs, but plenty of Swashbuckling action in this exciting novel published posthumously. This is a fantastic adventure novel, taking place in the 17C and a quest to raid a Spanish galleon. This one is also earmarked for a movie adaptation, with talk of Steven Spielberg at the helm!

Pirate Latitudes (US)
Pirate Latitudes (UK)

So that’s my top five pirate novels, so, me hearties, grab a bottle of grog and have the adventure of your life!