“Acting Their Age is somewhat of a coming of age story, except that in this case the age is upwards of fifty”



Three women find a 14 year old runaway hiding in the storage room of their bakery. Why did she run away from foster care? What do they do with her now? Common sense would say turn her over to the cops. So they hide her from the cops. Sure, why not? And that’s where the story begins.

Acting Their Age is somewhat of a coming of age story. Except that in this case the age is upwards of 50. As the women and their new friend get to know each other they begin to transform each others lives. But some of the bonding is a bit of a stretch. More than a bit really. I don’t recall having slumber parties and doing makeovers with women almost 4 times my age when I was 14. Talking them into new clothes and hairstyles as well as giving romantic advice seems way too far of a reach.

But it is a cute book. A light read, great for the beach. It’s humorous at times with touches of romance (just enough for me). Characters include a lost widow, a woman fighting demons from high school and woman cut off from her family by a husband who appears at first glance to be an overbearing, jealous cad. Throw in a runaway teenager and the sheriff trying to locate her and you have a light afternoon read.

A problem I did have was with the title…The Red Hat Society’s Acting Their Age. Not that I’m complaining but it had nothing to do with the Red Hat Society. I actually put off reading it because the title insinuates a connection with the popular group. The women in the book may be members but RHS is only mentioned in passing. It’s more like the possibility of a tie-in was presented to boost sales among a target audience.

I’ll keep this one around. I may not reread it but I have some more RHS books by this author and want to hang on to it just in case.

Its flimsy, almost see-through plot but slightly above average in entertainment value earn this one a middle of the road 3 on my bookometer.


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Teresa M

Added 8th June 2015

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