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So in the current global climate I have my two girls at home and so my reading is a little more varied than normal. Here is a review for Percy Jackson. Having my two girls at home currently, my reading has expanded slightly and we are exploring new books together.

So for those who don’t know, Percy Jackson is a series of books written by Rick Riordan, that have actually been turned into a movie or two I believe.
Although the main character is a young boy (11/12 in the first book) this series is for anyone.
Riordan uses humour and skill to weave into the story of a troubled young man some of the greatest Greek Myths. Percy ends up arriving at Camp Half-Blood and discovering that the father he has never known is actually one of the ‘big three’ Greek Gods, Poseidon.

All the campers at Camp Half-Blood have a human parent and a God or Goddess for a parent, meaning they can step into both worlds. As you can imagine, this leads to some truly wonderful, chaotic and terrifying adventures. Mount Olympus is currently residing at the very top of the Empire State Building and the gates to Hades are in Los Angeles. Throw in some fantastic Greek Monsters, some meddling Gods, a centaur and a satyr and you have yourselves a winner.

My daughter and I are absolutely loving this series and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you want something exciting to read aloud together.


Reviewed by:

Amanda O’Dwyer

Added 15th April 2020

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Amanda O’Dwyer




Percy Jackson was a demigod which means he’s half mortal half immortal. Percy had to go on a quest to retrieve Lord Zeus’s master bolt that was stolen by Ares the god of war.

I loved this book. It had loads of adventure and comedy I think both boys and girls would enjoy this because it has lots of adventures characters.

My favourite character would have to be Annabeth because she is incredibly adventures like myself. She is also the daughter of my favourite goddess Athena goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. And what makes her my favourite character the most is that she is a really good friend to Percy and Grover.

When I read this book I had mixed emotions but mostly exited to hear what was going on next.

I will always remember the part where Percy, Annabeth and Grover go to the lotus casino.

I would recommend it to my brother or sister at the age of 11-16 this is because they both like adventure and Greek mythology.


Reviewed by:

B Hill, age 10

Added 30th March 2016



Percy Jackson is a sixth grader in a school called Yancy Academy. One day, he goes on a school trip and he knocks a teacher into a fountain and his friend Grover Underwood takes the blame.

Soon, Percy finds out his friend is a satyr and he is the son of Poseidon and now he fights monsters whilst he tries to stay alive.

I loved the book it had adventure and comedy. I think boys and maybe some girls would love this book.

My favourite characters was Grover Underwood and Percy Jackson because you can relate to the characters in the book. Percy Jackson is a kid with ADHD and he is the son of Poseidon and he lived with his mom and stepdad. When Percy’s mom takes him on a trip his mom dies he now fights monsters and Grover Underwood is a satyr who wants to find the great god Pan and he is friends with Percy Jackson.

When I read this book I felt like my eyes were glued to the book and I was intrigued to read the next chapter.

When I started reading I couldn’t stop thinking about it I had to do other things to take my mind off it I wanted to keep reading it though.
I will remember the part were Poseidon God of the sea talks to his son for once in his life.

I recommend boys and maybe some girls who like adventure and comedy it has some nice characters. I think people who are ten or older to read this book.


Reviewed by:

Noah S, age 10

Added 30th March 2016


It started when Percy Jackson went to a School named Yancy Academy when he got on Mrs Dodd’s final nerves and she unleashed her beast within her. She became one out of 3 furies. And now Percy Jackson fights magical or terrible creatures he meets new friends like Annabeth and Grover he also meets gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and ares.

He soon finds out he’s being played by the Greek Gods and he gets Annabeth and Grover to help him on a quest offered by Chiron his Greek teacher.

My opinion on this book is 5 stars! its got adventure and comedy and the book makes me want to dance on the moon.

Whenever I read this book I feel like a rocket its just astounding its got everything you want.

Some paragraphs are unforgettable for example at the Lotus Casino there’s so much detail this is why “Percy Jackson is Such a good book.

I recommend this to about 8 or older because 7 year olds will find the beginning rather sad.


Reviewed by:

Luke H, age 10

Added 30th March 2016



This book is about a boy called Percy Jackson and he has two friends called Grover and Anabeth Percy is the son of Poseidon.

My opinion is that I find Percy really good on his quest to find his pretty mother.

My favourite bit is when Percy goes to the underworld to kill Hades and when he kills Medusa.

I feel sad when Percy loses his mum.

I would remember the time when Percy chops off Medusa head it was a bit disgusting but it would be a part I would remember when I get older and watch the film.

Percy Jackson is a boy who has to put up with some monsters running after him and trying to eat him.

He has to put up with a nasty step dad called Gabe who calls him a punk and has his mum as a slave.

I recommend this book to children between 9 -18.


Reviewed by:

Lewis G, age 10

Added 30th March 2016



Percy Jackson is just a normal kid, going to school, but he’s also a demigod, he realizes this when he accidentally vaporizes his pre-algebra teacher. He is set on a quest to return Zeus’s master bolt to mount Olympus to Zeus himself.

I loved this book. It has action, comedy and adventure. I think that both girls and boys should read this book.

My favourite characters were Percy, Ares. Percy was a brave adolescent with a good attitude of his own and the opinions of life to keep him alive. Ares was the god of war at Olympus.

When I read this book I felt lots of emotions sometimes I laughed and sometimes I felt like I was in the book with the characters.

Some of the words in this book I will never forget. That’s why Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is such a great book.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure. I think people who are 9+ should be able to read this wonderful, adventurous book.


Reviewed by:

Sull L, age 10

Added 30th March 2016



Percy Jackson was just a normal kid going to school, hanging out with his mates, when he accidently discovers he is a half-blood which is when you are the son of a Greek God. When he realizes this, a special quest lies ahead. Further into this book he unlocks many secrets about his past and his future. Percy has to find Zeus’s magic lightning bolt because Zeus reckons Percy has stolen it and making Zeus angry is NOT a clever thing to do.

I loved this book because it is a very heart-warming story. It included action, adventure and comedy. I think boys and girls would love to read this book, because of its different features.

My favourite characters were Annabeth and Grover. Annabeth because she is a very clever and Grover is a timid boy who seems to be quiet but is actually a very nice friend.

When I read this book I felt happiness and betrayal. I felt like I was experiencing it all with them.

When I read a chapter I really wanted to read on but I couldn’t. I read it and even though it was fictional, it made me think about how hard it must be to write some books. Wouldn’t you be sad if people bullied you just because you had learning difficulties?

Some of the morals and creative characters in this book have stuck in my head. Percy Jackson is a great book.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, friendship and action. It has magic, a set of friends and a great quest. I think age 9+ would love this book. I loved reading Percy Jackson.


Reviewed by:

Jasmin L, age 10

Added 30th March 2016