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Valentine Michael Smith (Mike) is a Martian in all aspects; he has spent the first 25 years on Mars being raised by Martians a species far different than humans.

His parents were part of a crew of eight, the first humans to be sent to Mars who have all died but with the arrival of the second space ship he finds himself being taken back to earth to discover what his own kind are like.

On arriving on earth he is locked in a hospital and shortly after meets a nurse named Gillian Broadman (Jill) who is quickly to become his saviour, with information given to her by a reporter named Ben Coxton it becomes clear to her that the man from Mars may not be isolated purely for his own good.

After the discovery that Mike may be a prisoner, Jill must go back to work but when she can’t get hold of Ben she decides she’s on her own.

After rescuing Mike she begins to find just how different they are and how out of her depth she is but determined to discover what happened to Ben and also to help this innocent man.

Read this book to find out if Jill will be able to keep Mike safe from his captures and if Mike will like what he finds out on the road to discover what it is to be human?

I have to say that this “earth of the future” has a large amount of religions in it, including new religions. Personally I’m not religious so for me it works well in a fictional science fantasy novel but may not be to everybody’s taste.


Reviewed by:

Mathew Hooper

Added 22nd July 2015

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