“Great well written book, didn’t guess who it was until the end, gripping thriller.”



A wealthy socialite is found dead under the ice in the depths of winter. When DCI Erika Foster is called in to investigate, she discovers a seedy side to Andrea Douglas-Brown’s life. Erika’s investigation is somewhat hampered by Andrea’s powerful family who seem to have the police in their back pockets. Nor is she helped by the obnoxious DCI Sparks who feels he should be heading the investigation.

After a series of events, Sparks gets his way and Erika is kicked off the investigation but she won’t lie down. Digging deeper she finds connections with three dead prostitutes and she soon finds herself hurtling towards more danger than she ever thought possible.

This book is the most enjoyable police procedural that I have read in a while. the author keeps the pace of the story going throughout the book. The tension that builds is almost palpable as we race towards a denouement that is perfectly weighted.

I loved the character of Erika Foster, a Slovakian, who has been in England since she was 18 yrs old. She is riddled with guilt and grief; on her last case five people were killed including her beloved husband, Mark. Despite this she has got back on her feet and is determined to find the killer before he strikes again. Erika is a strong, intelligent, forceful,determined lady and I look forward to meeting her again.

I enjoyed the other characters in the book as well. Whether they are awful or eccentric they are all well written and believable.

I think the author, who is better known as a writer of romantic comedies, has turned his hand to crime writing with aplomb and I am very much looking forward to his next crime novel and meeting Erika and her colleagues again.


Reviewed by:

Sandra Foy

Added 9th June 2016

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