“A pair of fierce but beautiful eyes look out from the undergrowth of conifers. She is an intelligent killer…”



Written from the viewpoint of a female Raptor this book is a surprisingly good read; the author is a paleontologist and it is his expertise that makes this tale of the trials and tribulations of a dinosaur so vividly interesting.

How he manages to capture the richness of the prehistoric world Raptor Red lives in, the subtleties of Raptor society and the flat, factual horror of the hunts whilst remaining true to the limitations of a prehistoric and unformed dinosaur mind is nothing short of genius; we even get a peek at some Raptor romance.

I read it first about fifteen years ago and it stuck in my mind, it’s always a book I recommned to people when they ask for something completely different, I guarantee you’ve never read anything like this before, and I doubt you’ll ever find anything of its kind ever again and certainly nothing as absorbingly brilliant.

This is a truly unique book, I was asked which genre to put this in when submitting this review but there is no genre that this book fits. Suffice to say it is one of my ‘Keepers’ and I will re visit it more than once in the future.


Reviewed by:

Shan Williams

Added 22nd December 2015

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