“A culinary delight . . . Sourdough is the story we all secretly dream about. Could we leave our mundane lives and take a leap of faith in the direction of our newfound passion?”


This is a delightful, easy read novel about a woman named Lois Clary who works as a programmer for a robotics firm on the West Coast. Because of her long work hours, Lois calls out for food most nights. She finds a small, home based delivery place where she gets sourdough and Spicey soup every night.

She quickly becomes their number one customer. The business is run by two brothers. Unfortunately, the brothers visas are up, and unlike real life, they don’t want to stay in the country illegally so they must return home. Because they like Lois so much, they leave her the starter to bake the sourdough. This is a secret recipe in the family for years, and they show her how to keep it alive and use it to bake the bread.

Thus begins the story. We follow Lois as she quickly becomes obsessed with baking, becomes an expert at it, and is quickly feeding her co-workers. She eventually will attempt to sell her wares at the food markets, and this is where the story takes off. Part fantasy, part comedy, this actually is much more interesting than it may sound to you. At 259 pages you can easily finish this in a day or two.

Very enjoyable.



Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 12th December 2017

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