“Finding Harmony is the remarkable true story of an extraordinary dog that rescued a woman from the depths of depression and transformed a family for ever.”



It is a book written by a woman, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, about how a dog helped her fight against the disease and depression related to it.

Sally who has MS, a genetic problem related to nervous system, tends to go into spasms and is unable to do simple tasks such as picking up things from floor.

She finds an ad by Canine Partners which is an organization who helps disabled people by providing an assistance dog. There she finds Harmony, a blonde Labrador, who helps her with daily chorus such as wearing socks, calling for help in emergency.

It’s because of Harmony that Sally is no more depended on her children and husband for help. The dog comes as a saviour for the family who also has an autistic child to deal with along with a mother with MS.

It states the importance of canine partners in our lives.

Reviewed by:

Shraddha Maheshwari

Added 24th June 2015