“This novel of suspense has many strengths… This is a book to keep one up late into the night, its considerable momentum pulling the reader toward its finale. “



This story is set in Pennsylvania. Kathleen is a young widow who works at a remote campground lodge where she operates a small eatery. Her husband was killed in an auto accident and she was severely injured.

One day a stranger appears, a man with an Eastern European accent who is the nervous type and seems to be on the run from something. He claims to be from Uzbekistan and they become somewhat friendly. She eventually learns something about why he is hiding, and when it appears that people coming around may be on the lookout out she decides to drive him somewhere where he would be safe.

That is the general story. What the real story is about is secrets. The stranger has them and Kathleen has them. Only at the end will the secrets be revealed.

This first novel is a short read and at first might not seem to be too much of a story, but by the end of the book when the truths are revealed this book takes on a different relevance to what has always been a problem, that hiding your secrets doesn’t mean you can ever really run away from them.

A fine first effort. Recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 2nd February 2019

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