“Love Take 2 is a frothy read, though perhaps it could have done with a soupcon more of fizz.”



The backdrop, the sets of a Bollywood blockbuster of the Padmavaat sort, called Ranjha Ranjha. It’s stars are the beautiful Kritika Vadukut, Miss India turned model turned actress and Vicky Behl, the goofy handsome hunk.

Kritika is recovering from heart break and Vicky has a reputation for breaking hearts which makes her tread on glass around him. Add to that the fact that the director of the film, the feisty Sudarkshan, is having a stand off with Arup her remarkably attractive DOP. They seem to argue at every step of the camera action.

Rai’s hero and heroine are of course Kritika and Vicky as anyone could guess who took up the book but the issue is how they get together.

Bollywood stars as well all know are notoriously private about their affairs, confessing only to being ‘good friends’ as a social media sight points out. While Heer Ranjha is being shot with its attendant problems of star crossed lovers, Vicky and Kritika are trying to figure out whether their stars are crossed or on the same galaxy. The chemistry between them is impeccable and despite doubts about whether models can act or not, Sudarshana thinks she’s going to can the perfect blockbuster.

The course of true love of course does not run smooth and throws a whammy in the shape of Vicky’s 21 year old sister Mini who accidentally says too much to a sleazy gossip columnist with a knack for reading between the lines.

Rai’s knowledge of film promotional techniques and the general nosiness involved in pop culture come to the fore. She has Candyfloss working out a social media promo hashtags and all and even comes up with a hashtagged solution to Vicky and Kritika’s star crossing. As to Ranjha Ranjha’s unhappy ending, that is quickly glossed over. Love Take 2 is a frothy read, though perhaps it could have done with a soupcon more of fizz. And yes, if you guessed Sudarshana and her DOP made a blockbuster production, you’d be right!


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 6th October 2018

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