“Contains the three basic Sheldon ingredients – glamour, intrigue and sex.”



I am a very big Sidney Sheldon fan and this was one of his best masterpieces.

Revolving around Elizabeth Roffe, an industrial tycoon made president of a Roffe And Son’s a multinational pharmaceutical company due to her father’s untimely death and her fight with an unknown enemy. An enemy who kills her father, who is ready to sabotage the company formed by her great grandfather.

When she learns that the enemy is one of the directors of the company, she gets baffled about trusting anyone. When her car’s breaks fail ACCIDENTALLY she comes to understand that her father was not the only target of the killer.

Afraid and vulnerable, she forms great affinity for the charming Rhys Williams, a person with an innocent heart, whom she can trust completely. And when she gets married to him, she thinks her world is finally at peace. But is it?

Rhys’ past hounds him back to complete UNFINISHED BUSINESS, the company’s biggest project laboratory gets destroyed and when Elizabeth reaches to the people she trusted the most for help she gets the shock of her life.

A tale of greed, betrayal and sabotage, bloodline keeps hooked up till the last page. This is the master storyteller, at his very best.


Reviewed by:

Tushar Joshi

Added 11th September 2015