“This book is horrific, gory, bloodthirsty but boy, is it an excellent read!”



Naia Thulin is currently working in the serious crimes division and wants to move over to the Cyber Crime squad in the Danish police force.

She has just been assigned a new partner that she does not like and feels that she does not need even though she has yet to meet him.

Mark Hess has been sent back to the Danish force after a temporary reassignment from Europol where he feels he has been badly treated and his return home is not a happy one. With both characters not wanting to be where they find themselves, they are put onto a murder enquiry which soon becomes a countrywide hunt for a serial killer.

This book is horrific, gory, bloodthirsty but boy, is it an excellent read!

The two police officers cannot agree on how the investigation should go, their superior is preventing them from looking into historic murder cases as he feels they are not connected. Hess simply does not want to be there at all, spending his time attempting to decorate and sell a flat he owns. Thulin is constantly hoping that her wish to join the cyber crime team comes to fruition. Then they both start to become involved in the murders as they both see that the commanding officer wants a quick result and anything that sticks, will do.

I started off not feeling anything for any of the characters and not much love for the gory start but as chapters progress I became engrossed and ended up not being able to put it down and having to read beyond 1am to reach the finale, which is tremendous!. I never spotted the perpetrator and even when we knew who it was the story still progressed at a brilliant pace because now, we as readers were really invested in the outcome.

Expected publication date in the UK is January 2019. I would like to thank Søren Sveistrup, Penguin UK/Michael Joseph and Netgalley for a free ecopy in return for an honest and fair review.


Reviewed by:

Trevor Litchfield

Added 19th December 2018

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