“An amazing book. It was a binge read, really – perfect for both parents and kids! It shouldn’t be considered a “children’s book” – it’s also good for adults that want to learn more about science and don’t have a background, as it’s basically like a usual Hawking book, but a bit more simplified.”


For children or adults who have not encountered the George’s Secret Key to the Universe Series, this collection of information will prove an eye opener. Here in one comprehensive volume is everything the space enthusiast needs to know about technology and the universe since the dawn of time. The contents are arranged in the fashion starting with In the Beginning, moving onto the Earth and then going beyond to the Universe.Included are things like Time Travel, Dark Matter and Artificial Intelligence. The facts are laid out in an easy to read fashion. Included are essays on various subjects like Why Do you Have Brown Hair and Flat Earthers put down clearly and concisely by academics like Brandon Carter who have not previously written for children.

Unlike the George’s Secret Key series this book does not make an adventure of exploring the Universe but puts together all the need to knows like the Event Horizon telescope or a brief sketch of the life of Galileo and the vital statistics of planets. It is in short, a non fiction version of whatever the George’s Secret Series highlighted. Parents will find it a handy addition to geography and science texts delivered in a fashion that is easy to absorb with nuggets of information highlighted in boxes. The section on time travel is quite certain to be a hit and essays on cutting edge topics and research have been added including an essay on climate change from 15 year old Nitya Kapadia’s perspective certain to appeal to that age group.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 14th May 2020

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