“THE INSTITUTE will delight King’s devoted readers and create a whole new generation of lifelong fans. The Master of Storytelling at his very best – which means better than anyone else.”


Children kidnapped in the night, there parents murdered and it’s made to look like the children are the killers.   The children are taken to a place called the Institute.  There. Will be other children there and they all have something in common.  They can use their minds to move things, read things or set things ablaze.  They are all being studied and are to be used for some sinister purpose.  And then what happens? 

That’s what Luke Ellis must find out.  He and his friends Kalisha, Nick and Avery will all gang together to try and find out
King is good at writing about children but in this book things are always serious.   There are no great growing up stories that always enrich his young characters.  A dark book from the get go, King sticks to the mystery of the Institute from beginning to the very end.  Something a little different from the King of Horror.   I liked it, but maybe not as much as Usual.  Still, it is The King


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 19th July 2020

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