“Nobody writes funnier romance than Susan Elizabeth Phillips.”



Well of course a guy is going to stop when he sees a headless beaver walking along the side of the road. Who wouldn’t? And thus starts an adventure in new, blossoming relationships and old, broken relationships.

Our cast of characters include an injured football stud, Boo Peep in a beaver suit, an ex-groupie, a venomous old bat, a pre-teen runaway, and an aging rock star.

For readers that spent college years majoring in sarcasm with a minor in witty banter this book should be required reading.

I’m an audio book listener. Earbuds and an iPod. Alone in the building each night I get my read on. Luckily I am alone because I didn’t go 5 minutes without laughing out loud & they would have called the paddy wagon.

I’m not one to read those mushy, gushy, sappy, Harlequin type books full of throbbing manhoods and moist nether regions (barf) but I had to know why this girl was walking down the road in a beaver suit. That’s what hooked me, the sarcastic repartee is what reeled me in.

Natural Born Charmer is fast paced and well written. I’m looking forward to reading the first 6 of the series.

I did take issue with one part of the book however. After our lead stud Dean has a fight with his father he barges into Blue’s temporary living quarters and demands sex. If she isn’t naked, she better get naked. It’s time she gave it up or he was taking it. Yeah, I have a major issue with this. While verbally resisting Dean, Blue gives in and submits to him. Sorry, but this is not only is this (borderline?) rape but it perpetuates an old saying of “no means yes”. NOT COOL! NOT COOL AT ALL!!! While I’m sure this was not the author’s meaning that’s how I interpreted it.

One other very difficult thing to believe (good thing we’re talking about a book of fiction) was when Dean said he passed for four touchdowns against Ohio State. Come on! Make it a little believable. Michigan, yes. Ohio State, I don’t think so. (All the Buckeyes out there — O-H…)

The narrator did a wonderful job presenting each character’s voice and read the lines just as I heard them in my head. But the author should not attempt to write song lyrics nor should the narrator try to sing them in a male voice. Both instances were a huge fail.


Reviewed by:

Teresa M, audio book reader

Added 4th May 2015

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