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I love the Discworld series. Every last one of them can sit comfortably in any collection of great Fantasy fiction. Pratchett set the bar so very high that picking a favourite will always cause a lively discussion amongst fans, but this is mine.

For my money, this is where Pratchett really found the style that became such a hallmark of the series. I love his observations about what passes for logic amongst siblings, about sex inequality and about standing up for yourself.

This book also introduces one of his most important, brilliant and wonderfully drawn characters – Granny (Esme) Weatherwax. She is complex, compassionate, ornery and not afraid to make the hard decisions. She’s a fantastic role model for women – and men.

You could be forgiven for thinking therefore that this might be a terribly worthy (and dull) book. Here’s the truly remarkable thing; Pratchett blends all of these elements together with his wonderful wit and humour. The book is laugh-out-loud-on-the-tube hilarious (this is high praise indeed as anyone who has travelled on the tube can attest). It’s ridiculously easy to read and entertaining. I can’t recommend it enough.


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Debbie McCarthy

Added 14th March 2015

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