“Vital, passionate, spirited – from the moment Bathsheba appears she is beguiling. You can denounce her faults – she’s selfish and capricious – but it’s hard not to admire her determined independence”


Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy is a classic-love story of a woman named Bathsheba Everdene. Bathsheba was a portrait of a woman  who was very independent, smart, brave, strong, and happy with her alone life like a man in that century. There was so many men fell in love wtih her. Gabriel Oak was the first man who wanted  to marry her. He just usual man with his little farm. Bathsheba refused him with the reason was she didn’t love him. The second man was William Boldwood, the rich and handsome man. She refused him too. The third and the last was a sergeant in a regiment of dragoons named Sergeant Troy. His polite attitude and sweet talk made Bathsheba finally choosed him to be her husband. But his bad personality finally came out when they have been married. So, would happen next with Bathsheba life? Let’s read the book to know the whole story and the ending.

The storyline of Far From The Madding Crowd is up and down. We can feel for real that feeling. Sad, happy, confused, languish, and lover girl all is very emotional. The antagonist character, Sergeant Troy, make us realized that Bathsheba wasn’t a perfect woman. We will think that she was deserve it. She deserve got bad treatment from his husband.
I really enjoyed when read this book. I love when Thomas Hardy made the story life with appropiate word placement. The perfect conclusion and resolution for every character’s problem. I give point 4.9 from 5 to this book.

I really recomend this book to people who like classic-love story. But this story very different with clasic romance story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare who is very overrated.


Reviewed by:

Amanda O’Dwyer

Added 14th May 2020