“Walter Stahr’s even-handed account, the first big biography of Jay in decades, is riveting on the matter of negotiating tactics, as practiced by Adams, Jay and Franklin.”


George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay known as the “Founding Fathers”.

In this work the author brings to life the history of John Jay, who is much overshadowed by the other leaders but he is relevant and played an important role in the making of this nation.

Jay started his career as a lawyer and when war for independence became a reality he championed the cause. He went where he was needed, being abroad with his wife for several years in Spain and France seeking aid and was not in the states when Cornwallis surrendered but was instrumental working out a peace agreement with Britain.

He along with Madison and Hamilton wrote the Federalist papers and framed a Constitution that would be acceptable to the majority of the states.

I was fascinated reading about the debates and learning more about this great man.

The author did an amazing amount of research and much is included in the work. It’s well written, fully notated and a fascinating biography of a remarkable patriot.

John Jay may not have been a President, an inventor, or involved in a scandal but he was a statesman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Governor of New York and much more.

I highly recommend this biography to anyone studying or interested in United States History.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 31st January 2018

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