“While Ahmed’s writing certainly fills his intent to capture personal memories, his story is also a creative rendering of acute observations that reveal spans of time, place and relevant history. The final result is a fluid memoir that depicts a life truly enriched by its connective experiences.”


I found the book readable, well coordinated and full of useful information (not only about yourself, the family)  but also containing lots of useful historical details (both geographical and historic) supplemented with photographs and maps. Some geo-political excerpts glorified the narrative. In fact it added to my limited knowledge of Africa; in particular about Ethiopia, Eritrea and the countries in the south.

The book not only tells of your achievements as a person but also  your views on the world matters. It has geographical, historical, political and socio-economic description of the world in ages past. These have been knit into the book seamlessly. This is vey admirable. I personally learned a lot. I deeply appreciate your command of the English language and ability to express yourself adequately and completely.


Reviewed by:

Abu Zafar Mohamed Ismail, D. PHil (Trinity College, University of Oxford, UK)

Added 20th May 2020