“Quirky and charming, at Books Are Better there’s always time for a good book!”

Books are Better - Fredericktown, MO

I started this used bookstore in my hometown after moving back home from a living in a larger city for 7 years. The closest store I could find was about an hour away or you had to order online. I wanted to bring something to our community that not only sold books but gave a place for people to meet and bring this town back together like I remembered it when I was growing up here.

We are still finding our reading legs and are growing and changing to fit the needs of our community. It’s a quirky place in a building that’s over a century old. In no ways is it a perfect place but it has it’s own kind of charm and fun. We like to give local authors a chance to shine by doing book signings, and I really try to promote reading to the little ones. We also sell locally made items like crochet work and jewelry.

~ Cassondra Smothers

Address: 125 S. Mine La Motte, Fredericktown MO, (Missouri) 63645

Hours:  Mon – Thurs 10:00 to 6:00, Fri and Sat 10:00 to 7:00

Website: www.booksarebettermo.com