“The best bookstore for royal history!”

Booksellers van Hoogstraten - The Hague

Booksellers van Hoogstraten, one of the oldest (1881), independent bookshops in Den Haag is situated just a few meters from Noordeinde Palace, office of King Willem-Alexander.

They only stock English books (fiction, art-, cook-, children’s- and garden books), have a huge royal history collection and very original ‘miscellaneous’ articles (like the Penguin collection).
Often there are special events, like signing sessions with authors; a “Royal Gathering” once a year, featuring their collection of books on Royalty; a Christmas Fair, including Carols and hot chocolate and spiced tea.

Their window is frequently changed, and always the most inspiring, original and tempting one I know, due to the skills of the owner, Ms Annet Bakker (who’s family owns the bookstore since 1949).
Visiting The Hague, visiting Booksellers van Hoogstraten is a ‘must’!

~ Karen van Dulmen Krumpelman

Address: 98, Noordeinde, 2514 GM Den Haag, The Netherlands

Hours:  Tuesday to Friday 10:00am to 5:30pm, Saturday 10:ooam to 17:00pm, Sunday 12:30pm to 16:30pm, Monday Closed

Tel: +31 (0) 70 365 2845

Website: http://www.hoogstraten.nl/

Email: [email protected]