“The Old Butcher’s Bookshop is a delight for any book lover.”

Le Pont Traverse - Paris

Standing on the corner of the longest street in Paris is this beautiful antique bookshop – Le Pont Traverse, which loosely translates as ‘Across the Bridge’ or ‘Bridge Crossed’. The site was originally the location of a butcher’s shop and still retains the name ‘The Old Butcher’s Bookshop’ locally, and while the shop does sell books only, you’ll find many of the antique fixtures and fittings from the original butcher’s shop.

The shop is located at the edge of Luxembourg Gardens and isn’t difficult to find. It’s crammed entirely, from floor to ceiling with antique and used books.

The famous bookshop was founded by French poet and writer, Marcel Béalu, who sold books in the French capital from 1951 until he died in 1993, the shop has continued since his death and is still a busy business today.

With plenty to see both with the books, and the location, you should add this Parisian bookshop to your list when you’re visiting France’s beautiful capital city.

62 Rue de Vaugirard
Paris 75006

Tel: +33 1 45 48 06 48

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Le-Pont-Traverse

Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 1pm-12am, Sat 1pm-10pm, Sun 1pm-12am