“A huge bookstore located in downtown Cincinnati.”

Ohio Book Store - Cincinnati

This mammoth book shop is located in Downtown Cincinnati.  It’s a four story behemoth, nestled between office supply stores and restaurants.  You’ll likely see some great murals around town when trying to find a place to park (parking was the only thing I was unhappy with during our entire trip to the store).  The shop looks like it’s not changed much in the many many years since it’s been in business.   It opened in 1940, but moved to this current location in 1961.

First off, the entrance is inviting… it’s a real city building, with tall ceilings and a long LONG room.  The sliding ladders in the main room made me want to look for something near the ceiling.   There is a ‘balcony’, a sort of half story from the first story with some AMAZING Ohio history books, and some pretty phenomenal Civil War books.  From the balcony floor, you go up to the second story, which is spare… just a long room with stacks.  The third floor is much the same.  The difference is the collections on each story.    The basement is where much of the magic happens… their book binding shop is down there, along with some military history and classic fiction.

One great thing about their exhaustive selection is that you can TOUCH the books.  Sure, they have some collectables in a case, but by and large, you can touch most any of the books.  I had an 1860 Harpers Magazine on my lap, and I read about the “current event” of President Taylor’s death, and which hoop skirt patterns were in fashion.  There are comfy chairs sitting in sunny spaces throughout the windowed side of the building.

Note:  the building does not appear to be handicapped accessible.

~ Kerri Foulks

Address: Ohio Book Store, 726 Main St, Cincinnati, OH

Hours: Mon – Fri:  9a – 4:45 pm; Saturday:  9a-4:30p; CLOSED SUNDAY

Tel: (513)621-5142

Email: [email protected]

Website: ohiobookstore.net