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The Bookshop that is a Haven for Homeless Cats

By January 7, 2017August 7th, 2019Bookshops

Books and cats are meant to be together, there’s just something so right about sitting curled up in your favourite chair with a great book and a furry purring cat snuggled on your lap.

I know there are those who love their dogs in the same way but for me it’s got to be a cat, they’re my perfect reading companion and there is a little bookshop in North Point, Hong Kong which is owned by a lady by the name of Miss Chan that agrees with me wholeheartedly.

Opened twelve years ago the Sam Kee Book Company has become known as an unofficial sanctuary for stray and homeless cats after its owner began taking in strays over a decade ago. Now there is no corner left untouched by kitties if it’s a spot that is too small for the furry kind then you will find cute and quirky cat figurines in every available nook and cranny.

Miss Chan who owns the store does not claim to be an animal lover in particular but was simply someone who realised that if it were not for her, these cats would have nowhere else to go. With her fist rescue being a black cat brought into the store and snuggled up in a spare bucket over ten years ago Miss Chan soon realised that the cats were here to stay and now she has over twenty kitty residents in her shop.

The book shop even has a cat welcome sign.

Cat beds can be found everywhere.

There are plenty of Cat Trees and perches for the kitties to get comfortable on.

Or perhaps a customer’s lap.

Seriously, there are cat beds everywhere.

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Did I mention cat beds?

How could anyone resist?

Oh look at them all.

Well fed, well-loved and the lucky recipients of many a customer’s lap to nap in these cats have truly landed on their feet when they passed through the doors of the Sam Kee book shop as they now have a home forever and what a home it is.


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