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Charlie the Choo Choo – Is Beryl Evans King’s New Bachman?

On November 22nd 2016 a Children’s Book by author Beryl Evans called Charlie the Choo Choo is going to be released.

Nothing unusual in that you say, well no and yes; for the last year momentum has been gathering and now it seems that the conspiracy theorists may actually be right this time and Beryl Evans could be a pseudonym for Stephen King.

Let’s look at the facts.

  • Beryl King is the name of a character in Wolves of the Calla a book from King’s Dark Tower series.
  • Her character is an author who penned a book that was titled Charlie the Choo Choo
  • In Wolves of the Calla two other characters Eddie and Jake go todash (you’ll need to read the book) and change Beryl’s name to Claudia y Inez Bachman
  • Richard Bachman is the pseudonym under which King wrote many of his early stories and who he killed off.
  • The book even has an endorsement by King with a blurb saying  ‘“If I were ever to write a children’s book, it would be just like this!”

With all that evidence stacked up and even Amazon marketing the novel saying ‘Fans of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower will definitely want this picture book about a train engine and his devoted engineer.’ it does seem as though Stephen King has dipped his toe into Children’s Literature and is hoping to secure a whole new generation of Constant Readers at a very young age.

The book itself focuses on Engineer Bob who has a secret, his Engine Charlie is alive and is Bob’s best friend in the whole world. Described as a book about friendship, loyalty, and hard work there appears to be a distinct lack of monsters and mayhem which is fortunate for the younger readers that this book is aimed at.

Charlie the Choo Choo is due for release on November 22nd and is available for pre-order.

Charlie the Choo Choo US
Charlie the Choo Choo UK

With King’s website remaining tightlipped about the imminent release of Charlie the Choo Choo yet Amazon stating boldly that Beryl is indeed Stephen King I suppose we’ll just have to indulge our inner child and read the book for ourselves, just to be certain of course.

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