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Happy Hump err month. I cannot believe we are over half  way through 2016 already, but here we are, it’s July and it’s time for our new Cwts Club reads. For July, the books you voted most for are The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, and the The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix.

We’re sticking to the two book format that has proved so popular over the last couple of months, and we are attempting to tie each month of 2016 in with our Reading Challenge, so you can choose one, or the other, or even read both if you’re a read avid reader.

As always our book club is run from the Cwts at Reading Addicts, but this time, instead of an event page where people can discuss the books freely mid-month we have a Cwts Clubs Discussion Group that is open to you all of the time; just don’t look in there unless you’ve finished the books. If you’re a member of the group you should receive an invitation to the Discussion page, but I’ll put a reminder in the group as always. Please be considerate to other members and save any spoiler discussions for the Discussion page, as everyone reads at different times.

While we always recommend supporting your local library or bookshop, links to the book are available below for your convenience.

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